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We Share The Passion, Providing Care For Your Equine Teammate

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We Share The Passion, Providing Care For Your Equine Teammate

2429 170th Ave, Emerald, WI 54013


Meet The Trainers

Allie Anderson

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Allie has been riding for over 20 years, and teaching for over a decade. Her riding education began at various lesson barns all over Minnesota. Since then, Allie has taken every educational opportunity to grow as a rider.

Some of these experiences include seven years in Pony Club, graduating as a "B", a two year working student position for an "L" certified judge, an international internship at an Eventing yard in Ireland, clinics with riders such as: Lainey Ashker, Holly Hepp, Ralph Hill, Erik Dierks, Kathy Kelly, David O'Connor, and Bill Fields, to name a few. Allie still takes regular lessons in order to continue her own growth because she believes, "we are, as riders, NEVER done learning from others, no matter our ability or experience."

Today Allie competes in 3-Day Eventing, also known as the horse and rider triathlon. While her passion lies in this discipline she also enjoys Dressage and Jumping teaching students principles based in the Pony Club foundation of riding and horse management.In her teaching Allie places great emphasis on safety, and effective communication in order to pursue a clear and pleasant partnership between horse and rider

Danielle Koeppen

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Danielle Koeppen specializes in the training and instruction of dressage horses and riders. She also works with other disciplines bringing her knowledge of posture and balance to everyone. She works with Adult armature riders along with youth riders to achieve their goals in a fun and positive setting.

“The horse and rider must always work as a team to achieve their goals and each rider and horse combination must be instructed in a kind and positive way.

Danielle started riding at the age of 7 and quickly fell in love with horses. After learning the basic skill of riding with a family friend for a year Danielle started in Dressage and Jumping lessons. After finding her passion for dressage Danielle decided to run with it. Danielle has spent the last 20+ years following her passion for dressage. Along this journey Danielle has also been introduced to natural horsemanship due to a troubled dressage horse. After seeing her horse blossom and transform after adding the natural horsemanship tools to her everyday training Danielle has blended them in to her dressage training program for every horse she works with.

Danielle as achieved her USDF rider performance awards training through second level. Danielle is also working on completing her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals. Danielle has competed through the FEI levels. She is currently working on getting her young horse and two new FEI horses ready for the 2015 season. Danielle has worked with Madeleine Austin, Bo Jena, Michelle Gibson, Jane Savoie, Amy Larson, Tom Nagel, Vaughn Knudson. Jasper Beck, Kelly Underhill, Alison Sader Larson, Sheila Shills, Gerhard Ablinger. Danielle is continuing her education with Amy Larson and Vaughn Knudson. Danielle is also a certified equine massage therapist. This has be a huge asset to her riding and training program bringing a greater understanding of the horse's body.